Agricultural inspection

Agricaltural inspection

Quantitative and qualitative inspections of raw and processed agricultural products

  • Processed product (edible oil, sugar, dairy product, processed meat product, honey, dried fruit, Juices, Essential oil, food additives, gelatin, …)
  • Crops (wheat, barley, rice, saffron, potato, soybean, canola, corn and meal (
  • Plant Pesticide (biological and chemical)
  • Organic, biological and chemical fertilizers
  • Horticultural products (banana, olive, nuts, …)
  • Livestock and poultry and aquatic animals (meat and dairy products)
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Feed (livestock, poultry, fish)
  • Certification and labeling
  • Issue of quarantine certificates and check for pests and pathogens
  • Molecular and phenotypic methods.
  • Determine the percentage of contamination to heavy metals, radioactive substances, and toxins
  • Labeling organic products and conducting periodic inspections
  • Determination of the purity and homogeneity of the product by molecular methods
  • Certification of product uniformity in terms of size
  • Determination of product transformation by molecular methods
  • Determination of unauthorized colors percentage
  • Issuing Halal Certificate.

Inspection of manufacturing of food industry, dairy, livestock and aquaculture, and certification of halal and health approval

  • Issuing of Quality Control Certificate for Production Units
  • Inspection and certification of health for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals
  • Inspection of slaughterhouses and issuance of halal certificate and observance of ethical issues
  • Inspection of meat processing factories and certification of quality control
  • Inspection of raw materials (essential oils, edible colors, juice concentrates …) and the issue of health certificates, solubility, purity and quality control

Inspection of pharmaceutical and medical materials

  • Biotechnological products
  • Inspection of environment, growth and pollution control
  • Production of antibodies (mouse colony or other animal animals, animal storage conditions)
  • Inspection of cleanup and disinfection procedures
  • Inspection of laboratories and Clean Rooms
  • Confirmation of product quality control and product reproducibility
  • Sewage inspection and environmental pollution
  • Inspection of waste disposal of biotechnological products and consumables

Computer systems in the food processing industry

  • Computerized systems that conducting production, packaging, and maintenance GMP factories
  • Inspection of electronic registration of events
  • Notification systems inspection and devices safety

Medical devices

Food and cosmetics

  • Processing and packaging free of any pathogens in food industry (allergy inspection)
  • Content labeling and nutritional value
  • Computer systems in the food processing industry
  • Cereal producers (mill, bakery products, and pastes, pasta products, and noodles)
  • Dairy producers
  • Food manufacturers with 5.0> pH
  • contamination of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Egg infection to Salmonella