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commodity inspection

Commodity inspection

ASCO is ready to provide a variety of inspections at home and abroad, relying on powerful forces, a global network of inspectors, and collaborating with approved laboratories. Commodity inspections are divided into two groups according to customer requirements:

Inspection in country of manufacture or origin

These inspections are carried out in order to inform the owners of the status of the purchased goods, such as product quality and quantity load. In general, the benefits of inspection at origin or pre-shipment inspection (PSI) include:

  • Sampling and testing to check compliance with the product standard (COI Issuance)
  • Ensuring the good’s soundness before loading
  • Packaging inspection to ensure the good’s soundness in the transportation process
  • Check the quantity adjustment of goods with shipping document (Weight, number, packing and …)
  • Reducing customs clearance costs when goods are cleared
  • Reducing clearance time for products subject to mandatory standardization

Also, in order to accomplish the above points and assure the quality of the customers’ cargo, ASCO is ready to provide the following services:

Packaging inspection

This category of inspections is carried out to verify the matching of the product packaging with the customer’s request and the relevant requirements for the vulnerable goods under special circumstances. In the same vein, in order to prevent the movement and identification of inspected and tested goods, inspectors will insert the labels and seals to the cargo being shipped.

Loading and Transportation Supervision

Since most of the damage occurs at the time of cargo delivery and in the shipping process, this monitoring is carried out at the customer’s request for the purpose of supervision and care of the goods during carriage from the time the cargo is delivered from the plant to the carrier.

Color Marking

Due to interference and load handling during loading, shipping and unloading of similar loads and differences in weight, ASCO Co. has used color marking method at the time of inspecting to separate customers’ goods. (Discharge monitoring service is also part of the inspection process)

Inspection at destination

Destination inspections are mainly carried out in order to verify the goods for the banking system, which is carried out in the form of an inspection to confirm the quantity and quality of the goods in the destination ports.

Discharge monitoring

Monitoring the evacuation of goods to inform customers of the damage caused to the goods during the shipment process.

Inspection of the cargo condition (condition survey)

Such inspections are carried out to determine the extent of damages to goods and to prepare a report for prosecution and claim for damages.


Sampling of goods at the destination customs for export samples or compliance with the standard for imported goods subject to mandatory standards

Commodity inspection – Metals

Regarding the wide range of steel imports and exports and the importance of iron and alloy elements in the industry, ensuring the accuracy of the chemical and physical structure of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys is one of the key factors in the selection and application of these materials.

ASCO Co., using a wide network of experts and cooperation with reputable and qualified laboratories and recognizing customers’ sensitivities to alloys, including chemical properties (key elements such as carbon, manganese, chromium, etc.), mechanical properties (Resistance, lengthening, stiffness …) and metallography, is ready to provide services.

  • Additional coating tests for other metal materials, such as zinc and lead coated sheet.
  • Dimension Control of goods, including thickness, length and width of sheets, bars and other metal products.

All of the above steps are carried out in the presence of the inspector and the result of the inspection report is provided to the customer to inform the status of his goods before loading and in order to let him make the necessary decisions.

Commodity inspection – Chemical and Petrochemicals

Inspection of chemicals in the export field, based on the branches and representative offices of the company in the main ports and customs of the country as representative of the standard agencies, is ready to provide a variety of inspection and sampling services for oil and petrochemical goods and dispatch them to approved laboratories in the shortest time.

In the field of import, inspection services are carried out according to the customer’s requirements and specifications and relevant standards at the manufacturer’s premises or ports. Among the important issues in quality control of chemical products, done by the company’s senior inspectors, the following items can be mentioned:

  • Elemental analysis and material check
  • Examining physical properties including product uniformity, moisture content, density, viscosity, dropping point, flash point, etc.

The sensitivity regarding to the packing and transportation of chemicals have led us to the following points and announcements to be done by Inspectors, in order to prevent any defect or damage to customers’ goods in the shipping process or potential hazards for whom which are in contact with these materials:

  • Examining MSDS Documents and NON-IMCO Certification
  • Reactivity of the desired product in contact with other materials
  • Using humidity absorber material if needed
  • Packing of goods sensitive to light

Commodity inspection-minerals

The main activities of the ASCO Company in the field of inspection of minerals include the following:

The scope of the inspection specified in this group is to determine the moisture content, grain size and percentage of the elements.

ASCO’s Mineral Inspection Division, as one of the active companies in this field, has been able to satisfy numerous customers by carrying out a wide range of minerals inspection operations with the help of experienced experts and experienced inspectors and by using a network of approved laboratories.

Most of these materials are as follows:

  • Metallic ores: iron ore, chromium, manganese and chromite
  • Coal and Coke
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous concentrates
  • Cement, decorative iron gems, clinker, salt, plaster, building materials

The inspection report issued along with the test results is a certified and validated certificate attesting to the health and safety of the goods.

In such cases, the inspection report will be the certificate of the goods for export.

Commodity inspection-Other services

Price Verification

Given the existence of sanctions and the impossibility of price inquiry, especially for sensitive goods that enter into complex and trans-type practices, the need for transparency of the actual price of goods (which is different from the value of the goods) is felt more and more.

The international technical inspection company, Aria Sina Control, has been able to inspect and verify the price of goods, especially imported goods, due to the deposit of EUR 200,000 with the Central Bank, obtaining the necessary licenses, and the international network of its specialized inspectors.

One of the most important services offered to banks and importers of goods in this area is confirmation of the price of goods for receiving bank documents.
It also confirms the price of the goods to insure imported goods that require certain standards for carriage, loading and unloading, and includes many damages.

Container Inspection

The International Technical Inspection Company, Aria Sina Control, has been able to obtain an agreement on the implementation of the Container Safety Inspection Services from the Ministry of Roads and Marine Transportation, based on its technical knowledge and experienced personnel.

One of the services offered in this area is to inspect the containers before loading and to ensure the standard and the health of the container.